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Toy of the Month Club 2017

Toy Club 2017


So what is Toy Club?

It’s a subscription Sewing Club for people who LOVE to sew Funky Friends Factory Soft Toys in super-cool fabrics! Over six months you will get 6 Toy Kits made up with Funky Friends Factory patterns combined with awesome fabrics and necessary notions from Voodoo Rabbit Fabric – it’s a match made in toy-making heaven!

This year we’ve decided to spice things up a little bit because a lot of you have a LOT of the Funky Friends Factory patterns already (Thank you!) and we want you to have the option to get some totally NEW Toy Kits!

How does Toy Club work?

First up, you get to choose 3 of these 6 existing Kits that we have already prepared…

Toy Club

*** Please note that kit colours may differ to the ones pictured. ***

Why ONLY 3 you ask?

Well, this is the exciting bit – you will also receive 3 ‘surprise’ KITS!!! These kits will have brand NEW (never before released) Funky Friends Factory Patterns…. that’s right…. 3 totally NEW, NEVER BEFORE RELEASED toy patterns that no one has ever seen – pretty cool huh?!

You get 6 Toy Kits over 6 months

Once a month, for 6 months you will get a Toy Kit. These Kits will be the 3 you selected plus 3 brand NEW ones. ALL 6 Toy Kits will come with the Pattern and all the fabrics and notions you will need to complete the toy. The only thing not included is the toy stuffing. (This is because it will cost you more for us to ship this to you than it will cost for you to buy it to buy it from your local sewing/craft shop.)

How much does Toy Club cost?

Toy Club is a monthly subscription. When you sign up you will pay $32/month for 6 months plus the shipping to wherever you are in the world. The full amount per month is shown in the dropdown box below when you select your shipping location. If you live in Brisbane you can choose to pick up your kit from the Voodoo Rabbit Fabric store in Annerley.




*** Kits will be sent out in the middle of each month ***

*** Pick up location is Voodoo Rabbit Fabric - Shop 1/466 Ipswich Rd Annerley QLD 4103 ***